How to Keep Kids Focused During Family Photographs

When you hire a Honolulu family photographer, it is easy to stress out about your kids’ limited attention spans. Fortunately, professional photographers have worked with lots of different children, and are experts at keeping them focused during family shoots.

If you are taking your own photographs outside of a professional shoot, the best thing you can do is provide your kids with something they can touch, taste, smell, or hear. Kids are automatically more focused when they have something to do, and handing your child a toy or other object can result in memorable candid photos.

Another option is to pull out the camera when your children are tired. Wear them out at the local park, then bring them home and sit them down on your front stoop. All those hours of running, jumping, and playing will have consumed sufficient energy to allow them to sit still for a few shots.

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Inside jokes are also helpful for keeping kids focused during photographs. Every family has them, so whip them out when your children’s attention starts to wander. Remind them of funny moments in recent days or weeks, then watch the smiles spread across their faces.

For younger kids, bright and shiny objects are your best friend for great photographs. Interesting songs or melodies are also useful, as they attract your child’s attention just long enough to grab a memorable shot. Try introducing something your child has never seen before, such as a new toy you picked up at the store for just this occasion.

Of course, the best way to ensure memorable family photographs is to hire a professional Honolulu family photographer. He or she has plenty of tricks in the bag to coax smiles from your kids and inspire funny faces.

An Oahu newborn photographer also knows how to capture the best images of the new addition to your family. Since newborns sleep through much of the day, it is usually easy to grab several sweet, peaceful shots of your baby napping in a crib or on a soft, warm blanket.

If you are worried about keeping your kids’ attention during a professional shoot, address this with your Honolulu family photographer before the big day. Let him or her know about your specific concerns, then talk through ways to overcome them. For extremely sky kids, it might help for them to meet the photographer prior to the shoot so they feel comfortable around him or her.